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Les Compétences de Lineage II

Liste des Compétences répertoriées

Compétence Classe(s) Description Divers / Effets Équipement requis
Accuracy Skill-Accuracy.jpg Warrior Increases Accuracy. Continuously consumes MP. Actif - Toggle Any
Armor Mastery Compétence-Armor Mastery.jpg Dwarven Fighter, Human Fighter Increases defense when wearing heavy equipment. Increases defense and Evasion when wearing light equipment. Passif Any
Bandage Skill-Bandage.jpg Scavenger Heals your own bleeding Actif Any
Battle Roar Skill-Battle Roar.jpg Warrior Temporarily increases Max. HP and restores HP to it's previous maximum amount. Actif - Toggle Any
Blunt Weapon Mastery Skill-Blunt Weapon Mastery.jpg Scavenger Increases P. Atk. when a blunt weapon is used. Passif Blunt
Boost HP Skill-Boost HP.jpg Scavenger, Warrior Increases Max. HP. Passif Any
Create Item Skill-Create Item.jpg Dwarven Fighter Permet la fabrication d'objets Actif Any
Detect Insect Weakness Skill-Detect Insect Weakness.jpg Warrior Temporarily increases P. Atk. against insects. Actif Any
Drain Health Skill-Drain Health.jpg Human Knight Absorb the target's HP. Actif Any
Expertise D Skill-Expertise D.jpg Dwarven Fighter You become familiar with D-grade equipment. Passif Any
Fast HP Recovery Skill-Fast HP Recovery.jpg Warrior Increases HP regeneration. Passif Any
Heavy Armor Mastery Skill-Heavy Armor Mastery.jpg Scavenger, Warrior, Human Knight Increases P. Def. when wearing heavy armor. Passif Heavy Armor
Light Armor Mastery Skill-Light Armor Mastery.jpg Warrior Increases P. Def. when wearing light armor. Passif Light Armor
Lionheart Skill-Lionheart.jpg Warrior Temporarily but significantly increases resistance to Paralysis, Hold, Sleep, Shock or debuff attacks. Actif Any
Mortal Blow Skill-Mortal Blow.jpg Human Fighter, Rogue, Elven Fighter, Elven Scout A potentially deadly attack. Requires a dagger. Actif - Overhit Dagger
Polearm Mastery Skill-Polearm Mastery.jpg Warrior Increases P. Atk. when using a polearm. Passif Polearm
Power Shot Skill-Power Shot.jpg Human Fighter A damage-dealing volley from a bow. Actif - Overhit Bow
Power Smash Skill-Power Smash.jpg Warrior Harness a mighty power to smite foes down with. Actif - Overhit Sword, Blunt
Power Strike Skill-Power Strike.jpg Human Fighter Gathers power for a fierce strike. Actif - Overhit Sword, Blunt
Relax Skill-Relax.jpg Human Fighter Recovers HP quickly when sitting. Passif Any
Spoil Skill-Spoil.jpg Dwarven Fighter Imbues a monster with magic that renders it susceptible to the Sweeper skill. Actif Any
Stun Attack Skill-Stun Attack.jpg Warrior A stunning blow that inflicts great pain and dazes target. The target cannot be stunned or dazed again while this is in effect. Actif - Overhit - Stun Blunt
Sweeper Skill-Sweeper.jpg Dwarven Fighter Used on the corpses of Spoiled monsters to obtain extra items. Actif Any
Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery Skill-Sword Blunt Weapon Mastery.jpg Warrior Increases P. Atk. when using a sword or blunt weapon. Passif Blunt, Sword
Vicious Stance Skill-Vicious Stance.jpg Warrior Increases critical attack power. MP will be consumed continuously. Actif - Toggle Any
Vital Force Skill-Vital Force.jpg Warrior Allows quick recovery while one is sitting. Passif Any
War Cry Skill-War Cry.jpg Warrior Momentarily increases P. Atk. Actif Any
Weapon Mastery Skill-Weapon Mastery.jpg Dwarven Fighter, Human Fighter Increases P. Atk. Passif Any
Weight Limit Skill-Weight Limit.jpg Dwarven Fighter Double your weight limit. Passif Any
Wild Sweep Skill-Wild Sweep.jpg Warrior Uses a polearm to strike down multiple enemies. Actif - Overhit Polearm