Dark Fighter

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Dark Fighter

Nom (en) : Dark Fighter
Description (en) : Dark Elves train to protect their forest and their race from enemies among monsters and even other races. Dark Elves with strong bodies and mental clarity trend to become Dark Fighters.
Race : Dark Elf
Niveau : 1
INT : 25
STR : 41
CON : 32
MEN : 26
DEX : 34
WIT : 12

Dark Fighter est la classe de base de tous les guerriers Dark Elf.

Transfert de classe

Au niveau 20, la classe Dark Fighter évolue vers (un seul choix possible) :

Style de jeu

Dark Fighters are dangerous close-combat fighters who rely on their speed and agility to give them an edge in battle. Letting down one’s guard when facing them may lead to a quick and painful death from their flashing cold blades.